Hotel/Guest Bedrooms Tariff

Effective from 1st January 2021

This tariff is for the screening of audio-visual films and TV shows from our studio partners, whether broadcast on TV, on home entertainment DVD/Blu-ray or viewed from the internet in hotel bedrooms, pub guest rooms and other similar accommodation.


Standard Rate: £5.23 + VAT per Bedroom, per Year

Higher Rate: £7.85 + VAT per Bedroom, per Year

The “Higher Rate” is payable in the first year of the licence by those not applying when first approached. It is there to compensate for the additional costs involved detecting and taking action for these infringements of copyright.

 Accommodation available less than 9 months per year will be subject to a 25% concession.

 The fee is calculated on the total number of rooms. There is no minimum fee.

 You can apply on-line by clicking here.