Hotel/Guest Bedroom Frequently Asked Questions

Q We already hold a PRS/PPL Licence, why would we also need an MPLC Licence?
A The PRS/PPL are totally separate organisations to Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC). They manage music rights only. MPLC are providing the same service for Hollywood and independent film studios together with TV producers. Screening a film or TV programme whether broadcast on TV, on home entertainment DVD/Blu-ray or viewed from the internet requires a licence from MPLC.
Q I already pay for a TV Licence. Why do I need an MPLC Licence as well?
A Your TV Licence covers the use and installation of TV receiving equipment at the premises specified on the licence. It doesn’t cover business premises for the public performance of copyright material contained within films and television programmes
Q How much is the licence for Hotel/Guest Bedrooms?
A An “Introductory Rate” in the first year has been negotiated with the major trade hospitality associations of £4.00 + VAT per hotel/guest bedroom per annum.
Q Is there a minimum fee?
A No, the licence fee is per hotel/guest bedroom and unlike other licensing organisations and TV Licensing, no minimum fee will be applied
Q We are not open all year, is there any concession?
A Accommodation available less than 9 months per year will be subject to a 25% concession.
Q Why is there a Higher Rate and who pays it?
A The 'Higher Rate' is payable in the first year of the licence by those not applying when first approached. It is there to compensate for the additional costs involved detecting and taking action for these infringements of copyright. This would of course be in addition to the copyright infringement itself which carries substantial statutory penalties.
Q Why am I being asked to buy an MPLC Licence?
A In June 2016 there was a change in copyright legislation which now requires a business to obtain a licence to show television programmes and/or films on their premises. The use of home entertainment DVDs and downloads, whether rented or purchased are intended for home use only. Following recent changes to Section 72 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, this now include the showing of broadcast television in public. If a business screens TV programmes and/or films then this is considered a ‘public performance’ and licence required. It is an organisations responsibility to ensure that the correct licence is in place to cover television programmes and/or film use on company premises or guarantee that such content is not displayed.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact MPLC at +44 (0)1323 649 647 send us an email to