Hotel Bedrooms, Pub Guest Rooms and other similar accommodation

If TV programmes and films from our studio partners, whether broadcast on television (terrestrial, Freeview or satellite services), DVD/Blu-ray or viewed from the internet are shown in hotel bedrooms, bars, restaurants or other similar areas, an MPLC licence will be required.

You will already be aware of PRS and PPL, both of whom introduced tariffs many years ago for music and sound recordings on television playing free to air broadcast in guest/hotel bedrooms. We ask that you review your use of television and film content in the same way and make the necessary licence application to MPLC. To further clarify, this MPLC licence for Hotel/Guest Bedrooms is required in addition to the TV Licence and any other MPLC licence you may already hold for communal areas such as the bar, guest lounge, the gym or reception.

The licence fee is £5.23 + VAT per room with a 25% seasonal discount for accommodation open less than 9 months per annum and unlike other licensing organisations, no minimum fee will be applied.  Please refer to our Hotel/Guest Bedroom tariff for further information.

MPLC represent many hundreds of Hollywood and independent film studios together with TV producers for hotels in the UK.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page or contact our licensing team at or call 01323 356100.

You can apply on-line by clicking here.